Beyoncé, a $100,000-a-night suite and a red carpet of influencers: Dubai basks in its booming economy – CNBC

Beyoncé performs on stage headlining the Grand Reveal of Dubai’s newest luxury hotel, Atlantis The Royal on January 21, 2023 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.Mason Poole/parkwood Media | Getty Images Entertainment | Getty ImagesDUBAI, United Arab Emirates — It was the talk of the town. Of the entire country, really — and then some.Beyoncé was performing her first live concert in more than four years at a private event for the opening of Atlantis The Royal, a $1.4 billion luxury hotel and res…….

A US couple moved to Costa Rica to save money, start a business – Business Insider

Zach Gerth recently moved to Costa Rica, a small country in Central America with many English speakers.
He and his partner left the US to improve their standard of living and start a new business.
Gerth says the move has saved them money and is allowing them to better prepare for the future.


Digital Nomads Are On The Rise. But Where Should They Live Now? – Forbes

London’s Financial district. Many digital nomads are relocating to cities like London for work. gettyWhen Julie McCane became a remote worker during the pandemic, she had no trouble choosing a location. London, Paris, and Athens were high on her list. But how to find a reliable rental apartment — now that wasn’t easy.

Most vacation rental platforms are created for short-term leisure travelers. Dealing directly with an owner — and deposits and utility bills — seemed like too much of a has…….

Digital nomads: These cities have the lowest rent for remote workers – Euronews

As employers around the world embrace remote working, the number of digital nomads is on the rise.Thousands of people have moved to far-flung corners of the globe, exploring new cities and cultures between zoom calls.But moving abroad can be expensive. In some cities, the cost of living is eye-wateringly high with rent a particularly big concern.So where are the cheapest places for working travellers to live?CIA Landlords have analysed the rental prices of one bedroom flats in 37 countries.They …….

Digital nomads have rejected the office and now want to replace the … – The Conversation Indonesia

A ‘network state’ is ideologically aligned but geographically decentralised. The people are spread around the world in clusters of varying size, but their hearts are in one place.

In June 2022 Balaji Srinivasan, former chief technology officer of the Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange, published an ebook entitled The Network State: How To Start a New Country. It is the latest in a flurry of utopian visions by self-styled digital visionaries, crypto believers and web 3.0 evangelists who…….

Spain’s new digital nomad visa: 6 perfect places for remote workers – Lonely Planet Travel News

Popping out for after-work tapas on any old Tuesday. Joining video calls from a sun-drenched terrace. Spending weekends kicking back by the Mediterranean or hiking through rugged hills. Sound tempting yet? Spain’s much-anticipated new digital-nomad visa could be just the ticket. 
Capitalizing on the enormous rise in remote work in the wake of the pandemic, Spain has announced a new visa program that will allow non–European Economic Area residents (including British and US citizens) working…….

6 Tips For Becoming A Professional Digital Nomad – Forbes

By Amine Rahal, entrepreneur and writer. Amine is the CEO of IronMonk, a digital marketing agency specializing in SEO.
I have been working online for over a decade, as the businesses I run have a strong focus in the digital space. So, when I needed or wanted to travel, I just took along all the things I needed to stay on top of my work and set sail.

Back in those days, digital nomad wasn’t even part of our professional lexicon, or at least I hadn’t heard of it back then. As the years pro…….

Work-life harmony: Thriving in a new normal where boundaries are … – TechNode Global

A decade ago, would you ever imagine yourself working from a mobile workstation while sipping cocktails by the beach? With smartphones, tablets, and laptops, taking work on the road has never been easier. When it comes to travel, “bleisure” trips, workcations, and digital nomads working abroad remotely are trending globally, where the world beyond one’s hometown is now the office.

PwC’s Global Workforce Hopes & Fears Survey 2022 found that 90 percent of workers in Asia-Pac…….